Barcode Registration

Barcode Registration in Chennai

A barcode is a series of vertical bars and spaces carrying information about the object to which it is attached in a machine readable format. This property of a barcode enables its use as an effective tool for automatic identification and data capture. Barcodes enable automatic data capture with 100% accuracy. It is of a pattern of black bars and white spaces printed on product packaging with data encoded within it to identify the product and/or its attributes. Enables automatic data capture at great speeds and with 100% accuracy. Can be one dimensional (1D) or two dimensional (2D), Barcode encoding identification numbers (keys) to identify uniquely and universally products, cartons/shipments, locations, assets, documents etc. BarCode printed on product packaging is scanned using a barcode scanner which transmits the data to a computer application for further processing such as Billing, Stock Management etc. Barcode is a 13 digit product code (Global Trade Identification Number- GTIN) acting as key to access information on other product attributes (MRP, product description etc.), stored in computer application.

Bar Coding not only facilitates the exchange of information between buyers and sellers, but also provides the potential for better visibility and sharing of information across an entire Supply Chain.

Other benefits are :
  • Automated data capture with 100% accuracy
  • Real time stock management of raw materials and finished goods
  • Fast and error free data recording on product/consignment movement
  • Easy integration with existing software, if any
  • compliance with growing requirements of leading national markets
  • In line with requirements of international retailers
  • Also gives international look and feel to products.

Unique – unambiguous and unduplicated identification of products, cartons/shipments, companies/ entities, assets, documents etc in a single, common manner by all trading partners, Secure - fixed length, numeric with a check digit, Universal - recognised and used worldwide & Non-significant

Different Types of Bar codes
Different type of Identifications
Identification Keys
Consumer items for Retail sales
Masalas, Biscuits, Soaps etc.
Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN)
Location Identifier
Company, Factories, Stores, Warehouse
Global Location Number (GLN)
Logistics sector
All types of containers
Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC)
Returnable Assets
Plastics, Pallets etc
Global Returnable Asset identifier (GRAI)
Fixed assets
Laptops, office fixed assets
Global Individual Asset Identifier (GIAI)
Stamp papers, office documents, insurance papers etc
Global Document Type Identifier (GDTI)
Freight consignment
Single consignment for despatch
Global Identification Number for Consignment (GINC)
Grouping of logistics units that travel under same dispatch notice
Used by Customs Authorities for identifying import & export shipments
Global Shipment Identification Number (GSIN)
People served by or serving under a specific service (s)
Patients, members of customer loyalty schemes, employees etc.
Global Service Relationship Number (GSRN)
Documents required for Bar code:
  • Copy of PAN card of the applicant company. In case of Proprietorship firm, copy of PAN card of the Proprietor.
  • Proof of status of applicant company
    • for Proprietorship firm – copy of VAT Registration certificate
    • for Partnership firm – copy of VAT Registration certificate/ Partnership deed
    • for Pvt. Ltd / Public Ltd etc– copy of Certificate of Incorporation / AOA / MOA / VAT Registration certificate.
  • Request letter on company letterhead towards allocation of GS1 company prefix number.
  • Copy of your balance sheet as on 31st March, 2013.


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